A Cab Driver in Düsseldorf

The manners were professional, although I was surprised that he had to use a navigation system to find a nearby hotel, which was not even a small one.

The he complained when his navigation system sent him all around a roundabout and back the way we had come. He told us that the system needed a service it was constantly giving wrong directions. It took me 5 monre minutes to find out why: when the system said "turn right" he started thinking "does this mean right here, or the next one?" and almost always took the wrong turn, although the system had incicated the right one! I guess the driver needed a service too :-)

Eventually we managed to get to the hotel, having driven 25km instaed of 15km. A professional that he was, he only changed us for the 15km, so it had only cost us time - so far!

When we got into the hotel we asked for our rooms in our names and to our suprise there were no reservations! Also in the name of our company: none! I asked for the name of the hotel - we had arrived at the wrong one!

So we had to get another cab to get us to the right one, which now not only cost us more time but also money.

We were so happy to arrive safely in the end!

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