Fitness Sells

In the eighties is was "sex sells", but people have become blunted, so nowawdays you would probably show something that is rated as porn to create an (illegal) eye-catcher. And even then this would probably not raise your sales by a single point.

At the same time, people have also grown more egocentric, wanting to show off. A good way to show off is to display ones fitness. So you could say that today the new motto is "fitness sells". And by that I do not mean that sports gear sells any better than it did in those days! What sells is some pacard that you can pin onto yourself to show how hale and hearty you are.

For example: cars used to sell through half-naked women standing in front of them, not at the local car dealer - alas! - but in advertisements and car shows. Now what sells are cars that give you a sporty image: sports cars and SUVs that burn a lot of fuel, offer not enough room, are uncomfortable, etc. But don't you just love them!

Or look at those walkers, nowadays they can show others that they are in great shape by displaying nordic walking sticks. Most of them do not even know how to use these tools, I have seen some bad postures about some of those walkers, they will probably not experience the inteded profit of those sticks but end up with a problem with their spinal discs!

So if you have a product you want to sell, just look at how you can make the would-be-buyer think that it shows others that he/she is in great shape. It is not necessary that your product creates that good shape, nor is it necessary that the buyer is in good shape (just look at those guys driving sports cars).

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