Deutsche Telekom Business Practices

On the web site of Deutsche Telekom you can find a whole lot of special offers. I almost wanted to go for one of them, which includes a flat rate for phone calls within Germany, landline, excluding of course mobile phones and special service numbers.

The I found a footnote in very, very small print stating that some "special" numbers would also be charged. Before calling any number you would be able call the Telekom Hotline (for free after all) to ask whether a specific number belongs to these.

So I started wondering what these "special" numbers might be, and sent an inquiry to Deutsche Telekom. This was two weeks agon and I still have no answer - I guess I won't get any. Luckily I know someone who works for them, so I asked him and he was quick to answer: these numbers are all landline connections what do not belong to Deutsche Telekom, meaning that you have to pay for the call as soon as you try to call someone who is at one of their competitors.

To me this seems to be quite unethical. I for my part will not take their special offer.

It seems that even they are ashamed to admit it, that's why they do not clearly state this as part of their offer, and also why I never got a reply to my question.

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