Workplace Toilets

Do you have the same situation at your work place? At 6am our toilets are clean, at 9am they do not look very inviting any longer and after 1pm they are just revolting. And one toilet is only shared by approx. 30 people here.

I thought how I could possibly make them clean up after themselves, as they do at home (OK, that's just an assumption). The first sign that I came up with read
Please leave the toilet as you found it!

Did not work! Probably it was too hard for people to just scrape off their remainders but leave out the ones that had been there before? So I thought of an improved sign:
Please leave the toilet as you would wish to find it!

Well, guess what, this did not work either. I guess different people want to find toilets in different states. So I further improved it to read
Please leave the toilet as the next person would like to find it!

Nah, did not work either. The level of empathy required for this was too high.
So what now? Should I go for the plain old "Clean up after yourself!"? Should I maybe just display a picture of a clean toilet and tell people to leave it exactly as displayed? This is probably the safest bet ... Ideas are welcome!

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