How to Make Pandora.com Work From Any Location

Recently pandora.com had to limit access to their music to US residents. This is done via the client's IP address.

I know many people outside the US who love Pandora (including me ;-)), so I played around a little with proxies.

Proxies usually have the disadvantage that they slow down network traffic, so even if you get it to work, the music will be disrupted. But there is FoxyProxy to the rescue: just install this add-on in Firefox (if you are using IE, sorry guys, but you had a bad deal from the start!), then configure it to use any US-based proxy (hope you know how to find one) for all URLs starting with "http://www.pandora.com/". This will make the UI of Pandora load slowly, but once it is loaded, the music is streamed from a different URL, which does not go through the proxy and on which Pandora does not check the client's IP address.

Happy listening!

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