Majority of German Managers Do Not Get a Bonus

According to a survey by Stepstone, 58% of German managers have never gotten a bonus for successful work. I found this information in this article (German).

I really doubt this - I do not know a single manager to whom this would apply, including myself. So where does this information come from? Maybe the people who have (or take, anyway) the time to reply to this kind of surveys never deserved a bonus for successful work?

Having said that, I have to add that I am a critic of bonuses - of course I like getting them (who would not?), but I'd say they have no or even negative effects from all that I have seen. There is a really good book on how bonus systems can make your employees' efforts deteriorate: "Measuring Performance in Organisations". For those who want to set up bonus schemes, this book should imho be made mandatory.

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