Privacy, Cell Phones, and Working on the Train

These days you hear everyone complaining about privacy concerns. At the same time people openly (and loudly) speak on their cell phones about private lives, finances, work, etc. Some even work during their train rides on confidential material. Just recently I was able to fully read the documents of a law suit while a lawyer worked on them - I don't want to be his client!

While I can't blame people to make the best use of their time, I feel that they are somewhat schizophrenic when they complain about privacy at the same time. They seem to be willing to openly discuss things when everyone can listen in, which they would probably not even tell their closest friends.

P.S.: A nice interlude on a train ride was this: I was working on my laptop computer (I do have a shield, so nobody can read my materials) when a young lady started discussing a crisis with her future-ex-boyfriend. I was finished with my work and stowed away my laptop, so the person opposite me asked me whether I stopped working because of the loud phone call (note that so far this did not evict the slightes reaction from the lady). I replied "No, but listening to this is much more fun!" in a low voice. Apparently she did hear this and immediately stopped the phone call, so it was quiet for the rest of the ride.

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