NOXON iRadio

I just bought an iRadio, since it has finally come down to a reasonable price.

Do you know those people that never even bother reading a manual? Well, I am one of those, and in addition I was keen on getting it to work very quickly, so ...

I went through all the setup steps, but it would just not connect to my WLAN. When I finally wanted to consult the manual, what fell out of the package was the WLAN antenna. Oh boy!

So the setup was easy (remember to find and install the antenna first, though), and it is now my 4-year-old son's favorite gadget.

I noticed that it even has a clock since the new firmware version came out. This triggered the thought why it would not also sport an alarm clock in a future version? I sent the question to their support, and promptly got a reply:
"I´m sorry, but the Noxon iRadio will not get an alarm clock."
(no kidding, besides the greeting line this was all)
So once more, here's to German communication efficiency. Thanks a lot guys! A short explanation as to why would have made such a difference ...

Anyway, I can certainly live without this feature, after all I bought it not even knowing it had a clock. Everything works as it should and it's easy to handle (even by four-year-olds!)

So good job on the technology side, and if you should have time for it, just pimp up your support a little.

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