The new search engine, Cuil, seems to be on everyone's mind, and I have seen many posts out there, so I will keep my comment short.

I searched for the terms "Cuil" and "Google" yesterday. None of the many posts did show up! All the material I found was completely irrelevant. Wouldn't you think that they would at leats make articles about themselves available?

The layout was completely distracting instead of trying to help me find relevant material; the pictures did not even match the articles they were indicated to belong to.

Searching for special characters, e. g. Umlauts, does not work at all, so how can they claim to have access to more web pages than Google? They might have them in their index, but what good is that if you cannot search for them?

The only positive thing I can say about Cuil is that the search engine ist fast. Not any faster than others, but anyway.

If those guys had not been working for Google before, nobody would have even bothered to write about Cuil. I certainly won't use this **** at any time.

To you guys at Cuil: you very likely have brilliant brains, otherwise you would not have been hired by Google, but your product certainly does not show this!

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