Linkstation and a UPnP Media Server

I had Twonky 4.1 running on my Linkstation for quite a while (could be two years or more) without any issues.

Then I wanted to listen to an audio book and noticed that the track played in alphabetical order instead of track order! Makes no sense with an audio book ...

Well, this is paid-for software so I contacted their support and got the response that I should upgrade to a new version to fix this.
I did so, but the darn program ended with a segmantation fault.
So I downloaded a new version (5.x), which I would be willing to pay for, but it did not work either. It seems to want to watch for file system changes while my OS does not allow for this, so the program stops.
Since the builds for NAS devices are not officially supported, I did not get any further support. Now I wish I had pirated my original license insetad of paying for non-existent support ;-)

I felt kind of lost until I checked the NAS-Central pages for alternatives. There are many!

Meanwhile I tried Mediatomb, which gives you a whole lot of options, indexes by author, album, etc.
It took me a while to get it configured, having trouble with the character sets.
Unfortunately Mediatomb has a high footprint on memory, the index database is rather large, and it takes ages (really!) to index. I gave it four days on my machine, and when it was still not finished, I deinstalled it. (No, I do not have that many files!)

Then I came across this very simplistic tool: UShare. By "simplistic" I mean that it does not do any indexing at all, it just gives you access to your directory structure. Good enough for me, I had been browsing my music by directory in 99% of the cases anyway.

I installed UShare within five minutes and was ready to go instantly. The browsing speed is amazing, the impact on my Linkstation close enough to zero for me to not notice anything.

Thanks a bunch to the guys who develop UShare!!!

P.S.: Most guys out there say Twonky is the most stable software out there and it works for them. Well, good for them, unfortunately not for me. I'd go back to Townky if they would help me fix that problem.

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