Microsoft Outages This Week

This week has been a nightmare re MS software and servers! This is what happened to me:

Monday this week, users could not open RMS-protected documents any more, because an MS-internal certificate had expired on Friday last week. Admittedly, MS did work all weekend on a fix, which was provided on Monday, but: our IT had to work all week to first test the hotfix, then create rollout packages and have them installed on every user’s machine. I guess we are over the hump now, but there are still users in our environment who haven’t received the update package yet.

On Tuesday, when I tried to assign an MSDN license to one of our users through MS Volume Licensing Services, the site had gone away! Completely! I ended up in Bing trying to give me hints where to look. Support said the site had been taken down for some maintenance and would be back up the next day.

Next time I checked was Friday (due to all the RMS-protection issues), and voila, the site was there again.

And to complete the week, the Volume Licensing site has been completely restructured, so it took me half an hour to find the place where I can assign licenses to people. I don’t even remember how I finally found it, but luckily I bookmarked it!

To finish it off, when I had assigned a license to a user and wanted to use the “send email to user” feature – it failed due to an internal server error!

Oh no, one more to go, and you won’t believe this: when I contacted support about this last error through an email link on their site, I got a return email saying that they had changed their email address. So after all the hassle with taking the site down for updates, restructuring it, wrecking some of its functionality, those *** did not find the time to update their own support email address?

Well, MS, you can really wreck a week!!!

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