Fat People on Escalators

If you don’t like politically incorrect statements, don’t read on.

Every so often I encounter overweight/obese, well, let’s just say it as it is: fat people that take the whole width of an escalator that others want to walk up.

If they would stand to one side I could possibly squeeze through somehow, but to make matters worse they (try to) walk themselves. So I have to adapt to their “pace”, which is usually one step every three to five seconds – I guess each step takes new deliberation.

People, it is adorable that you try to exercise, but couldn’t you do this in a gym? Besides not holding up other people it may be a good idea to loose some weight without straining your joints by putting your whole weight on them. Once you have lost some weight, you will be able to walk up stairs without the longer pauses, and if you stand to the side, other people can pass and don’t have to squeeze through – so it’s good for both sides.

And while I am a beating up others: could those people who don’t know how to walk (even if they are not fat) stand to the side so others can pass? And could you step to the side before you reach the end of an escalator if you don’t feel you can just continue walking off of it? Thank you.

Am I having a good day? Of course I am – bad people always do :-)

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