Converting Videos for the HTC Wildfire

I had thought it would be easier, but it actually took me half a day to figure out how to convert videos so they would play on my Wildfire! I compared codecs, resolution, frame rate of videos that would and would not play on it and sometimes there was no apparent difference – other than that one would play and the other would not!

I tried using FormatFactory but to no avail, even after having tested all kinds of settings.

I then tested “Videora Android Converter”, which did its job, but it is loaded with ads, so I wanted to avoid it.

Finally I tried Handbrake – successfully. You can just use the iPod preset and make sure you uncheck “iPod 5G support”.

So for those out there still researching: you don’t need to purchase any software, just get Handbrake (free) and use the above configuration.

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