GetUserAvailability Throws InvalidTimeIntervalException

I followed the examples by MS regarding Exchange Web Services and initially the program worked fine. Then, the next morning it trew a InvalidTimeIntervalException!

I hadn’t changed a thing!

After some trial and error I found the culprit: the time portion of the TimeWindow passed to GetUserAvalability is completely ignored! So for the service the TimeWindow had a length of zero, as the start and end dates were the same. The reason why it had worked the day before was that the 8 hours I had added to the start time resulted in the next day during the afternoon :-)

So always make sure to work with full days here, and also expect full day results to be retuned – you always work in 24-hour-chunks starting at 0:00 hrs.

There is no documentation on this yet, but at least I found a statement from MS that supports my findings here.

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