Thunderbird and Hotmail (Live Mail)

My Hotmail email account was recently hacked, so I changed the password. Of course, you want a strong, long password, so I had KeePass generate one for me.

Well, it turned out that this was the source of the problem I got after changing my password: Thunderbird was not able to authenticate with Hotmail any longer.

I tried to use less and then no special characters at all, to no avail. Finally, I changed the length of my password to 10, it had been 20 before. And this did the trick! I went back to using special characters, and these also worked fine, as long as the password was “short”.

This seems to be a bug in Thunderbird – further research has led me to this forum entry: https://windowslivehelp.com/thread.aspx?threadid=1cc813b6-6b5c-4aba-a560-e4a89c4deea1

[Addition on 21-DEC-10]:

I think the analysis under the above link is wrong, this is not a bug in Thunderbird: I had the same problem with K-9 Mail on my Android phone. So my guess is that the root cause is on the MS side (now, how would have expected that? Really?), but who cares as long as you know how to avoid it.

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