Don’t Trust your Software Engineer!

I saw a thread here http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-ZA/wspdev/thread/84003ac0-89fd-426e-9770-e132cd6f5f7a that I found quite interesting:

Someone asks a question why certain settings are stored in applicationHost.config instead of Web.config.

Then there is a very good answer, but the person who asked does not understand it, because “Sorry I am not a .net developer”.

OK, so why does he ask a programmer’s question then?

Here’s why: “I am really asking this for the purpose of instructing our developer accordingly.”

Oops, looks like someone does not trust his developer! Wouldn’t it be better to ask the programmer to do the necessary research?

Guess how the programmer will react to a half-wit* trying to tell him how he should do his job?

Don’t you just love this style of micro-management and distrust?



* half-wit regarding programming only, of course!
Oh well, any maybe also regarding inspiring responsibility in people, social interaction, delegation, … Actually, a half-wit in terms of people management.

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