SharePoint: "Attempted to use an object that has ceased to exist"

I got this error after migrating sites from SharePoint MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2013.

The scenario: a document library that uses a lookup to another list and allows multiple values to be selected

The effect: when you have the lookup column as part of your view of the document library, you get the  error message: "Attempted to use an object that has ceased to exist". When you remove the column from the view, it works just fine.

With new sites in SharePoint 2013, the above does not happen, the issue is related to migrated sites only!

While I have not been able to identify the root cause, I have found the following workaround:
change all columns of type "People" in the document library from "Name (with presence)" to "Name" only.

I have no clue why this makes a difference, but it does!

And here is where I got this hint from - thank you so much!
The post also mentions that "Microsoft is now evaluating if they will create a hotfix for this." dating from November 2013.

Non-Kudos (or whatever the opposite of kudos may be)
So far, there is not hotfix and SP1 did not fix it :-(

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Anonymous said...

Your welcome (this is JCat that posted the solution and WSP on the other site)

This also affects other libraries, and I've written a couple PowerShell scripts that leverage the crawl error logs to find the problem libraries and iterate though the problem webs/lists and fix the issue programmatically.

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