Amazon: Electronic Fakes Seem Unavoidable

I gave this multiple tries, but now I am fed up with fake articles on Amazon (Germany) and the company ibviously not caring about it. This is 8to me at least) not a legal issue, I do not care about brands so much, but I do care about quality.

First try: I bought a (supposedly original) headset for my cell phone. The buttons would only work intermittently from the start, sound quality was OK, after 4 weeks the plug had a loose connection. I had to throw it away. Well, I should have read the comment from other users first.

Which is what I did upon my second try. It turned out that regardless of the amount of money I was willing to spend, all products were fakes of mediocre (to say the least) quality, even though they were advertised as "originals". In the end I gave up and bought nothing.

The third time over, I went shopping for a power-strip with a nice design. Feedback from others was OK (and not by only 5 users, which would have been a clear indicator of fake feedback). So I went ahead and was instantly disappointed: Two of the sockets and the switch did not work properly. I am justglad I tested everything. So I returned the s**t and entered my feedback.
I was the contacted by the manufacturer from China; while I appreciate the effort, shouldn't the Amazon listing indicate where the ware comes from? Anyway, I had already ordered another one of the same power-strip. No surprise, this thing was not the same, but had the exact same faults - it might have been a duplicate!
So I returned the item again, turning down the manufaturer's offer to get another, bugger power-strip for free. After all, what good does it do, when it is free but defective? And they declined to test it before sending it, so thanks, but no thanks.

I found a similar item in another online shop, and bought it there without any trubles.

So, Amazon, you had your three strikes, you failed miserably! I'll take my business elsewhere. At least until you look at the comments from your users and act on them!

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