Trump's Election is no a Threat but a Chance for the EU

Leaders of the EU have raised much concern for the EU after Donald Trump's election. This is dead wrong, on the contrary, this is a (the last?) chance for the EU to get their act together.

So what can EU politicians think about now? Obviously, not a lot: Jean-Claude Juncker can only think about military defense and want to create a "EU Army". This should actually be the last of his concerns. Much more important will be to establish trust of EU citizens into the EU by providing a kind of EU-level democracy that deserves its name; so far, the only influence EU citizens have on EU policy is more than indirect: is is indirect across 4 levels at least: you elect a national parliament, which elects a president, who elects ministers who then get to represent their country in the EU. The EU parliament can be voted for more directly but has hardly any influence on legislation.

So, Mr Juncker an colleagues, do see to it that this is changed very quickly - otherwise you will see Marine Le Pen rise to power in France and similar far-right movements in other EU countries. Then there will be nothing left worth defending and the "EU Army" will not be of any value.

A united EU supported by its people has nothing to fear from a potential retreat of the US from World Trade Union.  Get your act together an create a strong EU as a counterpart to, instead of a dependency on, the US.

P.S.: it may help in the process to get rid of halfwits and would-be comedians such as G√ľnther Oettinger.

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