Truisms Trump Reason

Have you noticed that he-who-must-no-be-named uses a lot of truisms such as "make America great again" - his favorite by far?
O guess nobody could disagree with such a statement. Sadly, nobody asks what he means by that. He made his election victory by issuing such statements and never going into any more detail. Quite genius, if it were not so sad that so many people fell for this.

He also likes to boast that he will make the workers strong again. To proof this, he is currently reviewing the constraints that were imposed on banks after several crises, most likely planning to loosen the leash again. Then the banks can again start gambling with the poor man's money. Good luck, workers of America! You may not be part of all the profits, but you certainly will be in for the risks.

He may not be smart, but unfortunately he is prtetty clever: his divide-and-conquer strategy seems to work well, looking at Great Britain and other countries potentially joining them in leaving and thus weakening the EU. At fist they may expect a better deal for themselves , but once the EU is no opponent for him any longer, he will change the deals in his favor. It will be too late the for the EU and the countries that left it.

On the jobs he says he will create: expelling people who create the laed of the US industry in many fields, and expelling those who worked chores that no American will ever consider doing - bad idea!
Creating import taxes: who do you think will pay for these. It will be the working people in the US who will have to pay higher prices for their goods.

Security: he bans nations (of which most people are innocent) from entering the US, while allowing, for example, Saudi Arabia in (not quite so innocent).  At the same time he lifts a band to buy weapons from the mentally ill. Do you reckon he will take responsibility, when the next American shoots a fellow American? The US do not even need terrorists to enter their country, they take car of this by themselves, and even more so under their new president.

I could go on and on ... I need to stop myself, or I will get into a really bad mood ...

Also, did you notice these signs:
  • He repeats every statement as often as he can, using the exact same words. I first noticed it in this rant on Merkel: "I think she made one very catastrophic mistake, and that was taking all of these illegals [...] So I think she made a catastrophic mistake, very bad mistake,". He is really lacking variety here.
  • He has a really bad memory: first he bashes intelligence agencies, then he wants to befriend the CIA, or fist he hugs President Enrique Peña Nieto, then he insults him.
  • His gestures: he can only whirl around his index finger, either stretched out or forming a circle. When doing so, both left and right do exactly the same. Does this mean low (bodily) control)?

All of the above may be indicators of a stroke. I would not shed a tear if he suffered another one, after all it would make America (an the world) a better place again.
Or even better, could the signs of a stroke be used in an impeachment? I would strongly support that!

In closing, his words "I will make America great again" are not fake news or an alternative truth. Let me call them what they are: lies. Why rely on synonyms?
The naked truth would sound like this: "I will make my family and especially myself richer than ever".

P.S.: Hey, why not expel all the Indians to India - that's where they must be from, right, Mr. President?

P.P.S.: Should Europe consider granting asylum to US refugees?

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