Merci à la France

Dear French fellow-Europeans, thank you so much for voting pro-Europe!

While 35% for a far right nationalist party is still way too much, I am really glad that a majority voted for Macron, despite all the bogeyman vision that Le Pen tried to plant into people's minds.

This is a perfect first step to strengthen Europe, but there are two more that need to be taken:

  • France will need to elect a parliament that will work with Macron, not against him - this may prove difficult
  • And it will be even more difficult to get support from Merkel/Schäuble. They would have to give up their austerity politics, which would be great for both, Europe and Germany. The fetish of "zero debt" needs to fall.
I am afraid that the current German government is too stubborn to grasp this opportunity. We can only hope for a new, pro-European government after the upcoming elections in Germany. Not very likely though, I think.

So many "ifs" and too many stumbling stones. Making Europe stronger (should I say "great again"? ;-)) is currently not a safe bet, to say the least.

Big sigh! But never give up hope.

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