Chewing Nails, Picking Noses


During my travels on trains and underground I often experience this disgusting sight: people picking their noses and chewing away in their nails.

It helps if you look at them, make them feel watched. This works quite well in most, but I had some people who tried to hide - no kidding! - behind another seat and continue there. Also, having to look at them so stringly could not be advisable after a hearty breakfast ...

Other strategies I have so far only thought about but never employed are:
  • offer them a pair of scissors for their nails/tissue for their nose/pacifier to stop chewing
  • ask them whether they found what they were looking for in their nose (kindergarden-level)
  • ask them if you may chew their nails to see whether they taste better than your own
  • start chewing your toe-nails (well, I am too old to try this myself)

Any other ideas that might actually work, when just looking and watching does not?

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