Buffalo Linkstation and Noxon Audio

As NAS devices have become incredibly cheap recently I just could not resist buying one myself.

My first experience with the Buffalo LinkStation was great; it was so easy to set up!

Trouble (not related to the LinkStation itself) started shortly afterwards: I wanted to copy some larger files to the device over my 100Mbps network and found it was incredibly slow. After a while I fugured out that it was my switch that was the problem: I was using my DSL router (FritzBox 7050) as a switch and did not get any throughput. After installing a proper switch in my network, the speed was awesome, and will be even better once I upgrade my home network to 1Mbps, but that can wait until next year.

Next I found out that the media streaming functionality that is built-in, is not 100% UPnP-compatible: my Noxon did find the LinkStation and listed folders "Music" and "Pictures", but then it was stuck. After some conversation with support, who basically told me that I need to purchase LinkTheater, I found out what hardware the LinkStation runs, and using tips on the forum here, I finally installedTownkyVision.
Doing this involved "hacking" the linkstation by activating telnet and resetting the root password using a software called "ACP Commander". No wonder the support would not officially tell me about this option!

So now my Noxon can play the files and everything works as it should, and I really love my LinkStation :-)

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