Beautiful Women Before 8am

Usually I travel by underground shortly after 8am, however, this week I had some early appointments and thus had to travel around 7am. And I notices a big difference: it seems that before 8am there is not a single beautiful women on any of these trains. Not that I really need to see one, but it was really striking!

I have the following possible exaplanations:
  1. before 8am I am not able to recognize beauty (I would rather rule this out, but it's possible)
  2. travelling before 8am has a negative effect on womens' beauty
  3. beautiful women do not have to travel before 8am
  4. women only become beautiful after 8am (I don't think so, I have seen my wife early in the morning and she did look beautiful - this would also rule out number 1)

Any more explanations?

Man, I'm just glad that I will be back to my usual schedule next week, it's just a good start into the day to see beauty.

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