HTC Sync

HTC have developed a synchronization software for their Android models, named HTC Sync. I, as many others, had problems getting the software to run, or, more specifically, the computer to recognize the device. I had installed all the drivers, but the mobile phone and my computer would just not recognize each other.

In a forum I found the hint to enable USB Debugging on my phone, and, as unbelievable as it sounds, it really did the trick! Once I enabled USB debugging, my computer recognized the device, installed the drivers and was ready to sync. And even better, for future syncs I did not have to enable USB Debugging any more.

Apparently this is also known to HTC tech support as I saw in the document that their support provided me with.

But alas, now that I got the sync to work, more problems came up:

Contact sync would not recognize Outlook folders, it would always sync the top-level contact folder and nothing else.

Recurring appointments that were created during DST are one our off when DST is not effective, and I guess it will be the other way around as well.

So in the end, even though you can get HTC Sync to work, you are probably better off using Google contacts and calendar. If you absolutely need to sync your Outlook – well, tough S**t.

So, bottom line, great device, but sync software sucks!

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