Download Broadcasts from BBC’s iPlayer via a Proxy

If you read this, you are probably located outside the UK and already familiar with using a proxy to access the iPlayer web site to watch BBC broadcasts.

Now, sometimes you’ll want to download a movie to view later. After some research I found a tool named get_iplayer for this purpose, you can get it here – both Linux and Windows versions are available.

If you are running Windows, make sure to get the setup program, as there are a few additional programs required for conversion; the setup program install these automatically. (Or might want to choose to grab this opportunity to migrate to Linux :-))

get_iplayer  is a command line tool, but easy enough to use even for Windows users once you have checked all the options. You actually do need only a few of them.

If you are not in the UK, this tool can use an http proxy, which is very convenient.

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