Chromecast and Netflix Outside the US

So you already have a provider that enables you to view Netflix from outside the US, but your Chromecast refuses to play movies from Netflix?

The reason for this is that the Chromecast uses fixed DNS servers ( and

You could use iptables on your router to redirect these addresses to your preferred DNS server. BUt ypur router may not support iptables.

Here's a solution without iptables: most routers will support setting up static routes, so all it takes is to add routes for the above addresses that refer to a non-existent address in you LAN. When the Chromecast detects that its known DNS servers are unreachable, it falls back to what you have configured in your router.

I tested this approach with my FritzBox, and it works like a charm.

P.S.: Could be that this loophole will be close soon; Google were pretty quick to fix the root exploit that served similar purposes.

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