Philips Customer "Care"

I recently sent a message to Philips customer support, asking about a specific feature of a gadget of mine.

The first reaction I got was - nothing. They mention that they would reply within four business days, so I sent them a reminder a week later.

This time I got a response, saying
  1. due to maintenance they only received my email today
  2. they could not help me with my question until I provide the serial number, purchase date, etc., etc. of my gadget.

Well, Philips, this is for you:
  1. Do you seriously ask me to believe this?
  2. Why? What harm could it possibly cause to provide instructions for my device, even if I did not own the thingy?
  3. and here's my bottom line: this was the first and last Philips gadget I ever bought/will buy from Philips.

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