Un-brick Your Logilink/Edimax Router/Access Point

I had recently uploaded a wrong firmware image to my router and bricked it completely. Fortunately, there is a workaround with the brands mentioned above:

  • get (the correct!) firmware image
  • directly connect the router to your computer
  • set your own IP address to static
  • unplug the router, press the reset button, and while keeping it pressed plug the back power in. Keep holding the reset button for another give seconds, then let go.
  • use tftp to transfer the firmware image from your computer to the router at (it does not respond to ping, but tftp works) – make sure you transfer the image in binary mode (-i switch in Windows)
  • wait for the router to reboot
  • afterwards, the router should respond at its default address again, usually

As mentioned in a previous post, many Logilink products are equivalent to Edimax products, and the firmware that you can download from the Edimax web site is (at least im my experience) usually newer.


Nishit said...

Hi, thanks for this information. I have a brand new Edimax 3G-6210n router that I managed to brick at the first attempt.

I tried the method you have specified, but could not transfer the file. The tftp status was 'Connect Request Failed'.

Can you please tell me if the sequence you have outlined would work for my router? Did I misunderstand your usage of the terms 'unplug' and 'plug the back power in'?

I would be very grateful if you can tell me step by step how to go about it. Do I:

1. Change the Lan port's IP to static first
2. Connect the router to my Lan port while off
3. Plug the power supply in and THEN switch it on
4. Then I remove the power supply from the router
5. Press the reset button
6. Plug the power supply back in while holding the reset button
(original reset procedure on manual says 10 secs, but I go with 5)
7. Meanwhile, the router stays connected to the Lan port (and I have the power, wireless and WPS lights on, while the Lan indicator just flashed when it booted up and then went dead)
8. Then I try tftp thus: > tftp -i PUT X:\path\to\file.bin

Please, please, please help me out.

Nishit said...

Hi Kiki,

Sorry if this is a repeat post. Thank you for posting the unbricking procedure. I tried it countless times on my brand new Edimax 3G-6210n router that I had managed to brick with the very first upgrade. However, I could not succeed in unbricking it.

Right now, if I power on the device, I get the power + wifi + WPS lights, and the Lan LED flickers for a second, then dies. I can't detect the wireless network, and I can't log on to, naturally.

I don't know if the procedure you state is applicable to my router, or if I am taking the correct steps. Please tell me what is wrong with the following:

1. I set my LAN adapter address to
2. I connect the router to the Lan port and the power adapter
3. I unplug the power adapter, press reset, reinsert power adapter and count to 5 seconds(the router's official reset time is 10 seconds), then release it
4. I try this from tftp on Windows 7: tftp -i PUT X:\path\to\file.bin
8. I get status "connect request failed"

I also tried to unplug the Lan cable from the router at 3 above without connecting it to mains, and reinserting it after reset press + power in + hold for 5, but to no avail.

Please help me. I am really sad because this device was gifted to me by a dear friend.


Kiki said...

Hi Nishit,

The procedure is what worked for my model. They might have changed the behavior for new models.

Your steps seem to be right. Sorry for not being able to help you here ...

Nishit said...

Hi Kiki, I realized that you might be using a normal router, while I have one that is battery operated. Do you think trying your procedure without the battery might help? Would there be any indication that tells me that the router is in recovery mode?



Kiki said...

Nishit, it's simply a question of the model. The procedure that worked for mine will probably not work for yours.
Sorry, but I cannot help you with this.

Nishit said...

Hi, the question became moot after an authorised service centre talked to a vendor and got me a free (but a bit used) replacement!

Edimax's official support was quick to respond with the lstest firmware, but did not give me any magic key sequences for recovery, so I guess the only alternative would have been a warranty-voiding JTAG flash.

Thanks for your response.


yalin said...

thanks a lot. i've bricked my edimax ew-7416apn v2. with this info flash it back.

for the host i use and router

HOST said...

Thanks a lot.

I follow your instructions and is able to restore my bricked BR-6228nS.

My host ip is and my router is too.

Matei Vasile said...

Hi Nishit,
Did you fix your edimax 3G-6210n router ? I can help you if you still want to fix it.

Aleksej said...

Thanks for the instruction
I was able to restore my bricked Edimax 3G-6200n router.

I used for pc, for subnet mask and for transfer.

and for the cmd command I used:

C:\your\path\tftp -i put firmware_filename.bin

after that i got
Transfer succsesfull: …

After 3-5 minutes my router restarterd, I changed my TCP/IP settings to automatic and I was able to connect to my router once again from firefox to the ip that was in the configuration before i bricked it ;)

Thanks alot!

Anonymous said...


Un-Bricked my Edimax 6218n using TFTP method to


Isaac said...

You sir are a hero!

Vicky Mann said...

I also Un-Bricked my EDIMAX EW-7416APn V2 using this method. The only differnce was the ip address which was actually (HOST) & (ROUTER) as said by "yalin".
For beginners like me, the ip address of the router is default so you don't have to worry about it. Just change the ip address of your PC/MAC to and use a tftp software to send the firware to the router.

Moreover i use a Mac machine therefore to send the file i never required a separate tftp server as mac os X comes preloaded with it. Just follow the guide from dd-wrt: http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/TFTP_flash#Mac_OS_X

PS: While following the above link do remember to change the ip address to in the connect command line (you need to connect to the router)

Thanks a ton to all the genius ppl out there for helping everyone like us.

Anonymous said...

Tried this on an Edimax EW-7416APN but after a minute or so got the message "Timed Out". Think my repeater has gone past being bricked its now cemented !!
Unless anyone has any other ideas.


Edimax br6228nsv2 firmware version 1.14-pc ip - host ip at tftpd32 - successfully transfered.. its working now,pls note that v1.19 at Edimax website is corrupt do not download and upgrade unless they update it again.

Robert said...

Hi @ all,

I have an Edimax BR-6228nS V2 too and tried the firmware upgrade to v1.19 before I read the post above. My Router get also bricked, so I can confirm that the firmware files (BR-6228nS_v2_v1.19.bin, Date: 2015-04-01) from the following websites are BROKEN:
Don't try the firmware update to v1.19 from the links above!!!

The latest running firmware for the Edimax BR-6228nS V2 I found is the v1.11 from there: http://www.edimax.com/en/support_detail.php?pd_id=499&pl1_id=3&pl2_id=18
Tariq Chacho, would you please supply a download link for your v1.14?

To get my Router working again I walked through the following steps:

1. download a working firmware, e.g. the v1.11 firmware from the link above

2. install the tftp client on your windows 7 pc; select the TFTP-Client at "Systemsteuerung -> Programme und Funktionen -> Windows-Funktionen aktivieren oder deaktivieren" and press OK. Sorry, German Windows, but you should find it.

3. change your local IP-Address to and the subnet-mask to

4. turn off your antivirus and the firewall! The windows firewall issues a timeout in step 10/11. Maybe that's Anonymous problem ;-)

5. connect your bricked Edimax BR-6228nS V2 with an ethernetcable to your pc. Use one of the four yellow LAN-ports.

6. press the WPS/Reset button on the router and hold it down.

7. connect the power supply to the router

8. wait around 2 seconds and release the WPS/Reset button

9. press "shift" and perform a right-click to the folder witch contains the BR6228nSv2_v1.11.bin and open a command shell.

10. type following command: tftp -i put BR6228nSv2_v1.11.bin

11. wait until the transfer is successful (hopefully)

12. close all windows

13. turn on the firewall and antivirus

14. set IP-Address back to atomatic

15. Now everything should be fine!

Greetings from Germany!

Robert said...

After two emails with the edimax support and a second try with the v1.19 firmware I have to revert my statement, that the firmware v1.19 is broken.

After the unbrick with v1.11 I tried the update to v1.19 the normal way again and it works fine. Why? I don't know. Maybe a seldom problem with the firmware updater or a corrupt data transfer (edimax dosn't offer a checksum).

If you are not afraid of the tftp method, you can try it anyway. If the first try isn't successful just upload the v1.19 via tftp.

Greetings from Germany!

blog baca said...

Seriously thanks a lot man! Turning off the firewall solves the transfer issue.

I bricked my router after updating my BR-6428nC to v1.16 from edimax website. I contacted the support but I got no respond.

Seriously, Edimax is really bad in customer and support service. How can update from the website bricked the router?

I use TP-LINK before and have not any problem while Access Control in Edimax is not even working, I thought updating the firmware will fix the feature but instead I got bricked router..

Mihai Andrei said...


I have an Edimax BR 6228 nS V3 and I think it god bricked after I flashed the newest firmware.

I have tried countless times to unbrick it, but nothing works.

I believe that the reset button does not physically work. It doesn't once make the power led blink, not matter how long I press it. And I think for the same reason, I cannot upload anything with TFTP. I have tried all methods posted here.

I even disassembled the router, but the reset button cannot be removed. I thought I could manually touch 2 pins with a screwdriver or something.
Anyone has any idea?

atmaram kadam said...

Dear Friend,
Thanks for your instructions I have been able to recover my router Edimax 3gG-6200n.
But there is another problem.

I am using tftp2.exe my
lan card IP :
Default Gateway :
Roter Ip :
Firmware Version : 3G-6200n_v2.29 (downloaded from Edimax site)

But after going to the web interface and applying the setting it again gets bricked
Even if I turn it off after complete recovery it again get bricked once I power it on
Can anyone help me on this what is the problem with the router.
Every time I try tftp the firmware is replaced, the router reboots, I can access the web interface,
But the moment if change any setting and apply it the router reboots and is once again bricked.
Please can someone help me on this. How to get back to working again or should I leave it and buy a new one.

Thanks in advance

Atmaram R. Kadam

Anonymous said...

Sucessful unbricked a BR-6428nS V3 with the steps obove and
these settings: Local IP for PC Router fixed IP

Firmware file downloaded to c:\temp

C:\Temp>tftp -i PUT BR-6428nS_V3_v1.10.bin
Übertragung erfolgreich: 3686402 Bytes in 6 Sekunde(n), 614400 Bytes/s

Good luck to everyone

Anonymous said...

Sucessful unbricked a BR-6428ns V3 with the steps obove and
these settings: Local IP for PC Router fixed IP

Firmeware file downloaded to c:\temp

C:\Temp>tftp -i PUT BR-6428nS_V3_v1.10.bin
Übertragung erfolgreich: 3686402 Bytes in 6 Sekunde(n), 614400 Bytes/s

Good luck to everyone

Anonymous said...

Can anyone send me BR-6428nS_V3_v1.10.bin firmware? Because I bricked my device flashing BR-6428NSv3_1.17.bin from official website.

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